Terms & Conditions

London Dog Club – Membership
1.1 Minimum of 4 days per month, must be booked to qualify for London Dog Club
1.2 Payment for London Dog Club Day Care Membership is subject to a monthly
payment subscription. Payment will be deducted from your account the month
before your chosen booking date. Private consultations and training packages are not
included in the membership. Details of all classes and individual sessions are available
on the website.
1.3 Membership commences from date of setup. Membership fees must be paid in
accordance with these Terms and Conditions irrespective of whether or not the
Member attends daycare. If the Membership is paid by debit or credit card (or any
Membership fees remain outstanding beyond the due date) the Member hereby
unconditionally and irrevocably authorises London Dog Club to debit any credit or debit
card provided by the Member with the monthly Membership fee without notice to
the Member. Membership credits will roll over to the following months and accrue if
not used.
1.4 All payments are processed in British Sterling (GBP) at the time of the payment.
London Dog Club is not responsible for any fees, charges, exchange rates, or additional
charges levied by the individual financial institutions or credit card companies
Cancellation – Subject to any right of London Dog Club to cancel the Membership, the
Membership will continue indefinitely unless and until a member cancels their
Membership by email. No refunds shall be given to Members in respect of any
Membership fees that have been paid.
Please send an email request to cancel your membership, that must be provided by
emailing info@londondogclub.co.uk. This must be sent a minimum of 4 weeks before
your next monthly payment is due to be taken.
Refunds – No refunds will be given if a client decides not to use the full number of
daycare sessions from a purchased package.
If your dog is unwell and can’t attend the date booked then London Dog Club will credit
your account with how many dates have been missed. Please inform London Dog Club
by calling on 0207 164 6126 or by email info@londondogclub.co.uk
Discounts – As part of London Dog Club Membership you will receive a 10% discount
code for online dog training/retail orders and a 10% discount card for instore
purchases and grooming.
Additional Dogs – London Dog Club will update your customer portal should you
decide to add any additional dogs to your family.

By allowing or organising your dog to participate in the services we provide, and/ or
by signing our admission form; you accept, understand and agree the following terms
and conditions, which may be updated at any time:
We feel it’s important for you to know that although we do everything, we can to
ensure the safety and happiness of your dog, there are some risks involved with our
activities that you should be aware of- risks most of which are present in everyday
life for your dog in situations they will be in even out of daycare.
Our vans are fitted with the highest quality cages and offer the safest way of
transporting your dog – however vehicle transport always presents a small level of
risk from collisions, doors opening and closing to put dogs in or out of a van which
increases the risk of escape from the vehicle, being unloaded on a roadway etc. and
due to being unattended in the rear of the vehicle when drivers are driving or picking
up/ dropping off another dog or refuelling for example. Our vehicles are insured for
our business use and to carry dogs. All of our vehicles are GPS tracked so we can see
their live location at all times, and can monitor driving standards to ensure all dogs are
transported in safety. You agree to allow us to transport your dog in any of our vans
to any required location and agree to not hold London Dog Club liable for injury or
death caused by a road traffic collision or incident involving our van or another
vehicle at any time including when the dog is outside of our vehicle.
Dogs mixing with other dogs (including other sized dogs and dogs of different ages
and breeds) is a vital part of their life and socialisation. At London Dog Club, dogs are
never left together without direct supervision, however during the time your dog is at
daycare, they will come into contact with other dogs in an off lead and uncontrolled
environment. In the vast majority of cases this is a hugely positive experience;
however, as with any group interaction, this presents the risk of dog-on-dog
aggression, fights, bites etc. and even death. By organising activities with us, you
accept all of these risks and agree not to hold London Dog Club liable. We ask owners
to accept legal responsibility for their own dogs behaviour, and assume any legal and
veterinary costs to other dogs and property damage costs associated with their dogs
behaviour. By organising activities with us, you agree to cover such costs and allow us
to pass over personal information to any official authority or to any other dog or
property owners that have suffered as a result of your dogs actions so that they may
make contact with you. We may keep you informed of any altercation involving your
dog, whether damage or injury occurred or not. We also reserve the right to dismiss
any dog that shows dangerous or inappropriate behaviour from all services at London Dog Club with immediate effect. By organising your dog to participate in our
services, you are confirming that the dog has no record of aggressive or anti-social
behaviour and you have made a full and frank disclosure of any characteristic or trait
that might make the dog unsuitable for socialising with other dogs. If we feel that a
dog does pose any risk to any other dog, even if you do not agree, we reserve the
right to dismiss this dog from daycare with immediate effect. If your dog bites
someone or something, it is YOUR responsibility, as far as UK law permits- you could
be sued or your dog could be put down. We will never take a dog into our services if we feel they pose any risk to people or other dogs and we reserve the right to muzzle
any dog we think needs to be muzzled to prevent injury to our staff, the public or any
other dog. Although these risks are always present within groups of dogs, we do
everything possible to reduce the risks to as low as possible- our entrance policy is
strict and we refuse to accept any dogs that show signs of aggression, and dismiss
any dogs showing signs of aggression from daycare immediately, no matter how long
they have been attending. Incidents between dogs can have a cause not necessarily
obvious from any injury as a result i.e. a dog who is injured in an altercation may
actually be the one responsible for causing the incident in the first place and the
other dog has reacted in a defensive manner. In these cases, liability for vet bills/
damages etc would be the responsibility of the dog that caused the incident rather
than the specific injury. In ALL cases, the decision on responsibility for liability for
costs relating to dog on dog incidents will be made by London Dog Club (as we will have
witnessed the incident first hand to see what caused it) and will be final. It is also
worth noting that the vast majority of minor injuries, cuts and scrapes that do occur
in daycare are from friendly play or wrestling and is done accidentally or when play
spills over slightly in excitement- and as such these have to be accepted and any
treatment would be the responsibility of the owner of the dog who happened to get
the minor injury as it was not caused in malice. You agree to accept these decisions.
Please note that we can not be held responsible for the actions of another dog while
in the daycare- this is not us trying to shirk responsibility, but pointing out the
realities of doggy daycares. Dogs are animals and can react in a split second- despite
all best intentions and entrance policies, a dog that has never shown signs of
aggression before can cause minor or serious injuries or even death within the
shortest amount of time. It is not possible for even the best trained and experienced
team of staff to prevent these incidents when dogs are together in a social
environment. It is extremely rare that incidents like this do happen, but the risk is
ever present. You agree that you understand and accept this as part and parcel of the
service. Although we split dogs by approximate size into different play groups and
fields at the daycare, there could be periods of time where dogs of different sizes are
together in vehicles, communal areas or fields for a number of reasons. You accept
that your dog may mix and interact off lead with dogs of different size (both smaller
and larger) and that all our terms and conditions apply in the same way. Judgment on
which approximate size group your dog will put into is the decision of London Dog Club
and within all of these groups there will be a complete mix of breeds and ages,
personalities and temperaments- and some variation in sizes and strength. The group
that each dog interacts with during services may change without notice as they grow,
have behaviour changes or the group dynamics change.
We take the greatest possible care of all the dogs we are responsible for, however as
stated before, injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. Should your dog be involved
in any incident, our staff will check your dog over for injuries, however our staff are
not trained vets so we ask that you check over your dog’s further at home or seek
professional opinion. You agree not to hold London Dog Club responsible for failing to
spot that an injury has occurred, or that the nature of the injury is worse than
realised. Should your dog show any obvious injury, we will inform you immediately
and take your dog to the nearest vet on request, or if the nature of the injury is
serious, we will take them to the vet immediately without request. By organising

activities with us, you give permission for London Dog Club to authorise any treatment/
procedure etc that the vet deems necessary to carry out immediately or to prevent
suffering, and agree to pay the associated fees or reimburse London Dog Club for the
full amount- including consultation or out of hours charges. This is to ensure your dog
doesn’t suffer waiting if we can’t contact you beforehand. We have staff trained in
Canine First Aid present at all times in daycare. This also applies when a dog shows
signs of sickness or discomfort that we feel needs investigating by a vet- particularly
if they are staying with us for a long period of time (more than 12 hours). We will
always try to get in touch with you beforehand, but whether we can make contact or
not, you authorise us to request investigatory procedures and surgery should it be
deemed necessary before your dog is due to return to you. You agree to cover these
costs in full directly with the vet, or reimburse London Dog Club should we not be able
to get in contact with you. We strongly recommend that you purchase pet insurance
for your dog that covers them while they are under our care.
It is important to understand that despite all our best efforts, dogs can get sick or
injured for a variety of reasons. We believe in letting dogs be dogs and run around
and play with each other and on a variety of surfaces and equipment. This can include
raised objects and structures, water pools, grass, woodchip, bare soil and rocky areas
that they could, for example, chew/ swallow/ cut themselves on/ jump from. We also
have a variety of play equipment and toys on site that dogs have access to at all
times. Although we make these surfaces and equipment as safe as possible, through
play and interaction with these items and surfaces, there is a greater risk of injury
than without them- however it also makes the daycare a more fun and interactive
place for them to be. By using London Dog Club, you accept this and will not hold us
liable (financially or otherwise) for any injury, accident or sickness that occurs as a
result of normal day to day participation in our daycare.
Dogs who are showing signs of any potential contagious illness or disease are not
able to mix with other dogs in daycare and should either not come to daycare or will
be quarantined out of the main fields and away from other dogs while they are in
daycare until we are satisfied there is no risk present to other dogs. There are certain
illnesses, such as Giardia, where dogs are not permitted to be in daycare at all even in
quarantine and must be kept at home until cleared by a vet. You must inform us if
you think your dog may be ill so we can advise on the options available to you. During
this period, usual charges and reduced cancellation charges apply. This also applies
when a dog is recovering from any injury or operation such as neutering or spaying,
injured foot etc. and may need to be out of the main daycare environment. We also
reserve the important right to quarantine or ‘time out’ dogs from the main daycare
environment for behavioural reasons.
With any off-lead environment, there is a risk to dog’s security. We work hard to
ensure that dogs get the greatest amount of fun, interaction and exercise while they
are with us, and we operate as a free-range daycare- meaning all dogs are off lead.
Our daycare is totally secured by perimeter fencing, and each individual paddock is
also secured with fencing. All of our gateways are double gated/ airlocked to prevent
a dog getting out and into the open. Our internal paddock fence heights are around
1.8m and the outer run of fencing. Our farm perimeter fencing is approximately
1/1.8m. It is extremely rare that a dog would climb or jump fences of this height, but
it is possible. By organising activities with us, you accept these risks and agree not to

hold London Dog Club liable for any injury or loss resulting in escape. Should your dog
escape, run off or get lost, we will do our absolute best to find them, and will contact
you to let you know. If you believe your dog has any risk of jumping over or climbing
up fences of this height- please inform us so we can take appropriate steps. Staff are
with dogs at all times so the risk of any escape is extremely low.
Under UK law, all dogs must be micro chipped.
You must ensure that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations at all times while
using London Dog Club to look after them in any of our activities. Kennel cough
vaccines should be given to all dogs even though they are not 100% successful in
preventing the infection. If Kennel Cough is detected in any dogs in our daycare, due
to the incubation period, it is too late to quarantine this dog to prevent any spread. It
is also almost certain that they have picked it up from public parks that all of our
daycare dogs visit with their owners, and as such there are multiple routes of passing
the infection on. For this reason, and under veterinary advice, we do not prevent
dogs with Kennel Cough from coming into the daycare as there is no benefit to doing
so and it would be likely to cause an issue to owners and distress to dogs if they are
forced to spend all day at home alone.
When you enroll your dog with London Dog Club, we dedicate a space to them and
guarantee them this slot on your chosen. For this reason, if for any reason your dog is
away and not coming to us on a usual pre-booked day e.g. you are on holiday or are
at home for the day and decided to walk your dog yourself, or they stay home for a
veterinary appointment, a 50% rate of your normal charge will apply. This charge
reserves your dogs space and makes sure it will be available on all days that they do
come with us, rather than returning from holiday to find the space has been filled! It
helps us be 100% reliable and means we never put more dogs in a van or a group
than is safe to do so. All changes to schedules, including cancellations, additions,
boarding bookings etc must be made online through your account. It is your
responsibility to ensure that your dogs diary is correct, as this is what we work off for
our schedules and also our invoicing- no matter if you have asked members of London Dog Club staff to alter your schedule on your behalf or if you have informed London Dog Club management yourself. You can make changes to your diary up until 8pm
the night before. Any cancellations made after this time must be phoned or emailed
through to London Dog Club. Any cancellations after 8pm the night before will be
charged at full rate. Usual cancellation/ additional charges are applied to these days.
If you no longer require the daycare service and wish to release your space, you must
inform us in writing via email and let us know the date of your final day with us.
Spaces will be charged for as usual, including the 50% cancellation rate, until this final
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